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Reusing Empty Bottles


Emptying them is fun to do, but why get rid of them afterwards? Empty bottles can be put to good use in many ways! Here are a few examples of how they can be used as really great home and garden decoration: 

Wall vases

I really like this idea! You can greatly vary with the types of bottles, colors and flowers to create different settings. Via

Bottle lights

Nice and elegant repurposed hanging wine bottles with tea candles by David Guilfoose. Via

Bottle vases

Also designed by David Guilfoose, these Cut Vases (left) and Pod Vases (right) made of wine bottles look very elegant. Via

Bottle candelabra

Bottle candelabras are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes to put empty wine bottles to good, romantic use. Via

Garden border

Put empty bottles upside down in the ground to create a border. Source

Bottle plants

Make your old bottles a part of your garden by turning them into planters. To cut the bottoms off bottles, you’ll need a glass cutter, which are available at different craft stores. Via

Coat rack

Unique coat rack created by using the top portions of used bottles. Source

Bottle candles

By cutting the bottles and placing candles inside or on the bottles in different ways you can create a romantic setting, like this arrangement made by Melissa Maris.

Bottle lamps

Used bottles turned into lamps. I like the use of different colors and the soft lighting. Via