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Antique Birdcages


Not owning a bird doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy a pretty birdcage! Antique birdcages can serve as lovely decoration in the house as well as in the garden:




[Photo by Melingo Wagamama]

[by Rhoda]




Crafty with Buttons


Buttons probably wouldn’t come to mind when you’re thinking about crafting, but because buttons are available in so many shapes, colors and sizes, they make for excellent crafting material. A few examples to give you ideas.


This ‘Knoop’ bowl, created by Iñigo Cañedo,  is made from plastic buttons carefully glued together over a hemispheric mold. [via]

Button Wall Hanging

This LOVE Button Wall Hanging from Letter Perfect Designs shows a creative and colorful way to speak your mind, with enough possibilities to vary.


Cute button ornament to give as a present or hang in your Christmas tree, for example. Made by Leslie Ashe.

Button Jewelry

Make your own unique jewelry with buttons! You can greatly vary with different buttons and create earrings, a bracelet or necklace exactly the way you want it. Earrings made by Olivia, necklace by Nikki and the bracelet by lillyella.

Button Lamp Shade

If you have a boring lamp shade, perhaps this is a fun way to spice it up a bit: glue buttons on it! Instead of choosing different colors buttons, you can also go for one or two colors to match the colors of the room, or create a pattern instead of randomly putting the buttons on the lamp shade. [via]

Button Lamp

If you don’t like covering a lamp shade with buttons, you could always try to make a lamp entirely from buttons. At least that is what Singapore-based studio Formistry has done. Resin buttons are layered to allow for different light intensities. It also forms a nice pattern on the wall, as can be seen from the second image. [via]

Button craftiness with household items

These are two other creative ways of making ordinary items like this vase and picture frame look unique and pretty. Best of all, it’s so simple! Source.

Button Artwork

Very cute, this button tree made by Lisa Jordan! If you’ve created a pretty button shape like this one, you can put it onto a canvas and hang it on your wall. Or you can create an artwork and add the buttons later, like this pretty painting with buttons from Art by Wiley:

Creative with power cords


Hiding ugly electrical cords from sight is of course nothing new, but here are some neat ideas I found to get creative with them!


With the cute cable cover Florafil, inspired by green vines, Tania da Cruz wanted to combine function and aesthetics. [via]

Picket Fence

If you have ugly power cables running against the bottom of your walls, the Picket Fence perhaps may inspire you. Designed by Karl Zahn. [via]

Wire Blooms Cable Clips

Organize your cables creatively against the walls with these cable clips by Monkey Business. [via]

Cable Drawing

This cable drawing by Maisie Moad Broadhead doesn’t remove power cables from sight, but embraces them in a way that it actually adds to the look of a room. You’ll need a very long cable though! [via]

Storms – fierce but beautiful


Major storms scare me, intrigue me and make me feel humble. Not fun to get caught in, but from a safe distance the stormy sky can also look hauntingly beautiful.

A lonely yacht sails towards an enormous storm rolling up the South coast of New South Wales (known as a southerly buster) in Australia during the 66th Sydney to Hobart Yacht race in 2010. [Photo by © Carlo Borlenghi/AFP/Getty Images] [via]

A scary looking supercell thunderstorm over the Montana prairie. [Photo by Sean R. Heavey] [via]

Electrical storm near Keota, Colorado. Amazing capture! [Photo by Robert Arn] [via]

Beautiful arcus storm cloud above Nebraska. [Photo by Ryan McGinnis]

Storm over Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada. It looks so massive you could almost mistake it for a mountain. [Photo by Paul Laplante]

Beautiful capture of a storm over the Caribbean Sea. [Photo by Irene Wigzell]