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Winter fun


I love it how winter weather can bring so many people together wanting to do exactly the same thing, have fun with snow and ice!

Ice skating
Ice skaters in The Netherlands. [via]

Snow hikers
Snow hikers in Davos, Switzerland. Photo by EPA/Arno Balzarini [via]

Heli skiing
Heli skiing in British Columbia. [source]

Ice fishing
Ice fishing on the frozen Yenisei River in Russia. Photo by Ilya Naymushin/Reuters [via]

People sledding in Oklahoma city. Photo by Bryan Terry, The Oklahoman [via]

Lake Pfaeffikersee
People enjoying themselves on Lake Pfaeffikersee, Switzerland. Photo by Reuters [source]

Desert Beauty


I’m back from a long vacation, so it’s time for blogging again! Since I spent some time in different deserts this past summer, and because I just love these types of landscapes so much (the emptiness, the colors of the sand, the heat), I thought I’d do a post about these beautiful areas. Enjoy!

Namib – Namibia

Photo by Harald Süpfle


Death Valley – USA

Photo by Doug Dolde

Salar de Uyuni – Bolivia

Photo by Lion Hirth

Painted Desert – USA

Photo by Anne McKinnell

Pinnacles Desert – Western Australia


Atacama Desert – South America

Photo by oenvoyage

Sahara – Africa


Storms – fierce but beautiful


Major storms scare me, intrigue me and make me feel humble. Not fun to get caught in, but from a safe distance the stormy sky can also look hauntingly beautiful.

A lonely yacht sails towards an enormous storm rolling up the South coast of New South Wales (known as a southerly buster) in Australia during the 66th Sydney to Hobart Yacht race in 2010. [Photo by © Carlo Borlenghi/AFP/Getty Images] [via]

A scary looking supercell thunderstorm over the Montana prairie. [Photo by Sean R. Heavey] [via]

Electrical storm near Keota, Colorado. Amazing capture! [Photo by Robert Arn] [via]

Beautiful arcus storm cloud above Nebraska. [Photo by Ryan McGinnis]

Storm over Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada. It looks so massive you could almost mistake it for a mountain. [Photo by Paul Laplante]

Beautiful capture of a storm over the Caribbean Sea. [Photo by Irene Wigzell]