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Multifunctional furniture


For many people living in small houses or appartments space-saving furniture is almost a necessity. Even better, if it’s also multifunctional! So here’s a selection of multifunctional chairs and tables I’ve found that I think can be quite useful and neat at the same time.


This Dondola rocking chair designed by Pucci de Rossi can store your books inside to save space. The stainless steel structure is made of two rounded arms that are linked together with three storing cases. The neat part is that you can alter the balance of the chair by adding to or removing books from cases in the chair. For instance, if you want to relax with your feet up you can move more books to the back case of the chair.

The Starling Box

The Starling Box by Anita Johansen and Anne Ahrendt Futtrup is a clever and modern looking table with storage function. If you twist the tabletop, small colorful boxes appear to store your items.

GVAL Chair

A playful variation on the chair is the GVAL chair by OOO My Design. It consists of three parts, where the bigger outer shell houses two smaller parts, which can serve as a foot bench, a small table or be stacked on top of eachother to form a chair of their own. Multifunctional that is!

Object-A, Object-E

If you’re sitting in your chair and look around you to find out you have no more space to put things, why not look up? That’s what Seung-Yong Song thought too and designed these two multifunctional chairs. Object-A turns the back of your chair into a bookshelf, while Object-E is a rocking chair with a clothes drying rack above it. Not sure about the practical side of these, but they are multifunctional!

Hollow Chair

The Hollow Chair by Judson Beaumont is a traditional looking chair made hollow so you can fill that up with toys, books, bags, cushions, ..well anything you want really. You can also leave it empty to create a nice spacious effect (so that’s actually also multifunctional, right?). Very nice design!

Tip Over

If you don’t have enough room to place a dining table in your home, the Tip Over by G. Borgonovo from Porada is perhaps the thing you’re looking for.  It’s multifunctional as it’s a mirror which can be folded into a dining table. So after dinner you can hang your dining table back on the wall.

Stacking Nesting Table

Stacking Nesting Tables designed by Florian Kräutli [Via Design Swan] is a neat little table which can be used for different purposes as you can see from the image. Create additional space, trays and drawers or stack them all up to form a high table.

Sosia Sofa

The free-formable Sosia sofa from Italian furniture company Campeggi (designed by Emanuele Magini) can be configured to your liking. Play with the two seats and the fabric flap to create different settings. Turn it into a sofa, armchairs, an L-shaped or face-to-face seating arrangement, you can even form an enclosed space to use it as a bed or dressing room. [Via Tréndir]