Miniature People


How would miniature people deal with our world? Some artists have simulated this by creating tiny detailed human figures and placing them among general items like food or in tiny installations and thus creating a wonderful look into the world of perhaps-existing-because-nobody-knows-for-sure miniature people. Here are some of the wonderful miniaturized scenes made by the artists Christopher Boffoli, Slinkachu, Audrey Heller, Jason Barnhart and Matthew Carden, in which they try to make the world a tinier place.

Christopher Boffoli – ‘Big Appetites’

[Photo source]

Audrey Heller

[Photo source]

Jason Barnhart – ‘Curiouser And Curiouser’

[Photo source]

Matthew Carden – ‘Small World’

[Photo source]

Slinkachu – ‘The Little People Project’

Slinkachu actually abandons his small figurines on the streets to be (un)noticed by the public. The project emphasizes the unawareness of one’s surroundings and the loneliness of living in a big city despite always being surrounded by other people.

[Photo source]

[Photo source]

[Photo source]


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