Beautiful stairs


In today’s post: staircases! Take a look at these amazing designs.

DNA Staircase

Beautiful modern staircase design by Ross Lovegrove to resemble the DNA helix. Source

Whimsical staircase

Gorgeous staircase at Musee Gustave Moreau in Paris. [Photo via]

Floating stairs at The Gray Hotel

This floating staircase can be found in The Gray Hotel in Milan. [via]

Staircase around tree

Beautiful staircase built around a cedar tree. At the Santa Cruz Tree House. [Photo via]

Staircase with tree railing

Instead of using a real tree, the creative designers of this staircase cast a tree out of metal and let the branches serve as railing. [Photo via]

Alternate tread stairs

Designed by Wheeler Kearns Architects for the Lake Shore Drive House in Chicago, this staircase will save a lot of space in your home. However, the practicality of it can be disputed. Though this is a lovely design, alternate tread stairs can be difficult to use as you won’t be able to turn around easily, and children and elderly people could have problems climbing them. [Photo via]

Curvy stairs

This organically shaped staircase was created by Atmos Studio to form a whole with the rest of the house.


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