Creative with power cords


Hiding ugly electrical cords from sight is of course nothing new, but here are some neat ideas I found to get creative with them!


With the cute cable cover Florafil, inspired by green vines, Tania da Cruz wanted to combine function and aesthetics. [via]

Picket Fence

If you have ugly power cables running against the bottom of your walls, the Picket Fence perhaps may inspire you. Designed by Karl Zahn. [via]

Wire Blooms Cable Clips

Organize your cables creatively against the walls with these cable clips by Monkey Business. [via]

Cable Drawing

This cable drawing by Maisie Moad Broadhead doesn’t remove power cables from sight, but embraces them in a way that it actually adds to the look of a room. You’ll need a very long cable though! [via]


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  1. The electrical cord with a bird on it reminds me of a video that was made in Portland (where I live). For fun watch this quick video on the subject:

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