Storms – fierce but beautiful


Major storms scare me, intrigue me and make me feel humble. Not fun to get caught in, but from a safe distance the stormy sky can also look hauntingly beautiful.

A lonely yacht sails towards an enormous storm rolling up the South coast of New South Wales (known as a southerly buster) in Australia during the 66th Sydney to Hobart Yacht race in 2010. [Photo by © Carlo Borlenghi/AFP/Getty Images] [via]

A scary looking supercell thunderstorm over the Montana prairie. [Photo by Sean R. Heavey] [via]

Electrical storm near Keota, Colorado. Amazing capture! [Photo by Robert Arn] [via]

Beautiful arcus storm cloud above Nebraska. [Photo by Ryan McGinnis]

Storm over Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada. It looks so massive you could almost mistake it for a mountain. [Photo by Paul Laplante]

Beautiful capture of a storm over the Caribbean Sea. [Photo by Irene Wigzell]


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