Amazing 3D Wall Murals


3D wall murals can give a place an extra dimension by giving it texture, a spacious look and entertainment value. Today’s post features a couple of those extraordinary wall murals made by trompe l’oeil (‘fools the eye’) artists. Often painted on dull, gray buildings they can really liven up the neighborhood!

The Dirt On Bishop

This 3D mural called The Dirt On Bishop is painted by artist John Pugh on a wall in Bishop, California. This layered core sample of Bishop earth represents a sedimentary survey of the town’s heritage.

Green Treasure

Another one of John Pugh‘s creations, this time assisted by artist Marc Spijkerbosch. This mural on the wall of the main library of the Rotorua Arts Commission in New Zealand portraits a previously seamless hatch that has louvered-open through a mosaic of Lake Rotorua behind which a secret world resides.

Mana Nalu Mural Project

Mural of a giant wave on the Lani Nalu Plaza building in Honolulu Hawaii, made by John Pugh with the help of several other artists.


Beautiful 3D mural by John Pugh on a wall inside an office building.


Optical illusion on the wall of Taylor Hall in Chico, California. One of John Pugh‘s old works.

Great American Crossroad

This 3D wall mural is painted by artist Eric Grohe in Bucyrus, Ohio, called Great American Crossroad. It serves as an entrance to the city as well as backdrop for numerous concerts and civic events.

55 Diamond Court

Another artwork by Eric Grohe, this time in Massillon, Ohio. It’s designed to add life and dignity to a previously nondescript corner of town.

Lions Gate Gorge

Street artist Qi Xinghua (Michael Qi) painted this enormous mural which not only is painted on a wall, but also on the floor, giving an even deeper 3D effect. With Lions Gate Gorge Xinghua set a new Guinness World Record for largest piece of street art.

Dragon Boat Festival Dragon

The dragon appears as if to be coming out of the wall. Painted by Qi Xinghua.

Nike Mural

3D Wall mural by Qi Xinghua.

Yangpu Mural

From this angle it looks pretty realistic! Made by Qi Xinghua in the Yangpu District in Shanghai.

Fresque des Québécois

[via Rambling Traveler]

This wall mural, made by CitéCréation in Quartier Petit Champlain in Old Québec, tells 400 years of Québec’s history and portraits several of Quebec’s historic figures.

Fresque du Petit-Champlain

[via Rambling Traveler]

Fresque du petit-Champlain is depicted on a wall in Rue du Petit-Champlain in Old Québec, one of the oldest streets in North America. This one recounts the history of Cap-Blanc, Québec City’s working-class waterfront neighborhood. Designed by CitéCréation.

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