Unusual Garden Art


Today I want to show you some unusual but cool sculptures and art that makes a garden stand out from the crowd.

Fire Pit

This awesome Third Rock Fire Pit from Fire Pit Art is designed by Rick Wittrig, a functional steel artist. Gather around the world with your family and friends on a nice summer’s eve!

Mosaic Garden Path

Seems like a lot of work to create this, but once it’s done you’ll have a beautiful garden path.
Source: A ribbon at a time – Copyright of judywhite/Garden Photos.com


So there’s Bigfoot! Behind a tree in my garden! Crazy and awesome tree sculpture from Design Toscano.


Another original sculpture from Design Toscano: a zombie crawling out of your flower bed. Designed by Alan Dickinson.

Plant Heads

Pots with faces so the plants growing in them serve as hair. Great idea and as you can see from the picture, lots of variations are possible. Source: KatG on HGTV.

Bruno Torfs

Magical statue made by artist Bruno Torfs. Bruno created a terracotta sculpture garden in Marysville, Australia. Check out his website for more of his wonderful artworks.


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