Custom Lighting


When you’re in a creative mood and would like to spice up your living space with DIY lamps, then let these awesome creations inspire you!

Cloud Light

DIY Cloud Light
I found this lamp on It’s meant to be hung on your wedding, but I could see myself hang one of those in my bedroom as well! All you need are led lights, a hot glue gun, cotton batting, and paper lanterns. For step by step instructions, see Wedding High
[This article has been borrowed with the kind permission of Wedding Consultant and Author, Bláithín O’ Rilly Murphy {aka
The Wedding Expert}, who writes the daily wedding blog; Wedding High.]

Twine Lamps

These lamps from Crafty Nest are made from hemp string. The perfect round shape is created by using a ball instead of a balloon, which is also used often. Very nice!

Lace Lamp

The people from Dos Family have found a crafty way of creating cute looking lamps made of lace. Must give a nice pattern on the walls!


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